87 gn stolen

Trying to find out how to get access to the traffic cameras. Heres a photo of the engine just incase

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do you have the vin # avail? tag number? I'm in Miami I will pass the word to my law enforcement friends, they love buicks also.
did you have a sun pass in the car?
Thank you for helping.
Vin is 1G4GJ1172HP425859
Tag is L365BP
I do have a sunpass in the car, I have to call on Monday to get my account number, they are not open on weekends.

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if you have the transponder # you can check it on line if you have a notice or bill it will be on there.
already told the boys in blue
Sunpass showed the car was put on the turnpike at commercial at 11:04 and got off on Hollywood Blvd at 11:18. Still no word yet.

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