87 GN t-top parts car, clean title, REAL GN, but its rough.. just want all the stuff gone


IMG_0465.JPG IMG_0466.JPG IMG_0467.JPG IMG_0468.JPG IMG_0469.JPG IMG_0470.JPG IMG_0471.JPG IMG_0472.JPG IMG_0473.JPG IMG_0475.JPG

Car is located at 45806.

I have one shell of an 87 gn left over from restoring a hard top car.. I'm including a lot of nice parts that are well worth the value of this shell/bundle.

1 87 engine harness
1 87 reman ecm
1 87 MAF

and anything else in the pictures. it has the t-top bag, t-top headliner board is NICE as well. Car could be restored for the right person but it is rusty and rough. I won't lie... I hated T-tops so I frame offed a hard top car.

Car has a 7.5inch open rear end so it will roll. All GN drive train specifics are gone. Can show proof of vin and titles and RPO options if anybody is interested. I have a chrome bumper that can go with this as well. just trying to move all of my extra parts. I do have a rough GN hood i'll throw in as well.

Concert surround door panels are there as well, not perfect but usable.

I want this gone.. I'm pricing it to move.

looking to get 1200 cash for all of the stuff. I know the harness, ecm and maf should be worth close to half of that alone..
Can i get more pic of the boby. If you still have it like the quarter panels and floors and trunk. Just need a shell no doors or trunk lid or frame.
I bought the car in 2011 and intended to restore it, its pretty rough honestly. And god knows how many coats of paint are on it.

The trunk is good, the rear floor is swiss cheese, front isn't bad. Quarters "appear" to be solid but I have no idea. More pictures won't show much more because when I got the car I painted the top and bottom of the floor with POR15.

The entire car would need media blasted to get a real idea of whats under all of the years of paint..

The deal comes from all of the parts that come with this.. you are close in Columbus(90-100miles), if you want to come check it out, I'm more than willing to let you take a look.