'87 Maroon T. Many mods and ready to cruise or race.

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1987 turbo T, maroon with red Limited interior

139,900 miles

This is a copy/paste from late 2011 when I bought the car (with some minor edits)

  • Centerline Convo Pro wheels: 15x8.5 rear 275/60 Nitto drag radials, 15x7 front 235/60 BFG Radial T/As - **NOTE** Nittos could probably use replacing. Good tread but they're a few years old and I think the compound is just too stiff at this point.
  • stock front swaybar removed
  • HRpartsNstuff rear sway bar
  • 30 spline Moser axles
  • Eaton posi
  • SPC lowering springs from Savitske Classic & Custom
  • boxed stock lower control arms with energy suspension bushings
  • upper bushings and axle bushings replaced wiith energy suspension
  • Bilstein shocks
  • a hooper looper driveshaft loop
  • dual air bags
  • rolled rear fender lips
  • stay down license plate

  • Limited interior
  • b+m quicksilver shifter
  • scanmaster mounted above radio
  • boost and knock gauges on pillar
  • water temp and oil pressure gauges below radio
  • MSBC (Exile) electronic boost controller mounted in dash
  • Powerlogger with EGT logging
  • LC-1 wideband O2
  • TT 5.7 / 6.1 Wideband (currently installed)

  • Rebuilt .030 over stock engine.
  • 206/206 Comp roller cam and roller lifters
  • Turbonetics CPT-44BB .63ex - large journal 3" in / 2" out
  • Champion heads and intake
  • TA race headers, mild steel with ceramic coating
  • Cottons FMIC
  • Accufab plenum and 70mm KB throttle body combo
  • RJC power plate
  • 3" DP
  • ATR dual 3” stainless exhaust with Pitbull mufflers
  • external wastegate (Racegate)
  • Alkycontrol dual nozzle alky setup
  • MSBC (Exile) electronic boost controller
  • 60# injectors
  • Moser rear end cover
  • Walbro 340 "hotwired" fuel pump
  • 3" solid MAF pipe
  • Chrome MAF pipe
  • MAF translator with 3” MAF
  • EGT sensor
  • Body radiator
  • windshield mount fuel pressure gauge
  • angled metco breather
  • chrome up pipe
  • dual fans
  • Vacuum brakes
  • Line lock
  • HrPartsNstuff poly motor mount - both sides
  • Casper's electronic fuel injector harness
  • 2004R built for 10s

The car does have a salvage title, but its not because it was stolen, flooded, or anything. Back in late 2011 when I bought it, there was a link which had some history of the car, pics of the build, etc but it's been removed. If I remember correctly, the car was left at a service station in PA and the person purchased the car from them and did the motor, interior, paint. That was back in '08 or '09 I believe. I purchased the car in January 2012 from forum member murphster (Scott) who bought the car from the person in PA. I think it may have been advertised here. Scott upped the ante by adding the bulk of the performance mods.

The car drives and looks great. It does have some areas where there are chips. Mostly on the front fascia and the lower quarters. Could use a good clay bar and polish treatment to really make it shine. This is a clean running car that has just about every upgrade you'd ever need.

I've made 5 passes in the car and could never get the Nittos to hook. Need driver mod? Maybe. Couldn't justify buying Mickeys but I know the car is capable of sub 1.6x 60s with them. Last time out (March '14) at Etown, car went 120MPH at 19#s of boost. Picked up 25MPH between the 1/8th and 1/4.

I'm selling because I don't drive the car for the most part. I did take it out yesterday and today for a whopping 30 miles. It's turnkey and ready for someone to enjoy it as is or throw some Mickeys on it (and a cage) and go 10s.

Asking $13,000 - I am not desperate nor chomping at the bit to sell. If you're a serious buyer, don't hesitate to reach out with questions.

Here's a link to Scott's ad from 2011. Car looks the same now. I've put less than 2,000 miles on it since buying it. I can post pics / vids I've take as well if requested. FYI - Car is garage kept.



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