87 motor into an 85


Jan 28, 2006
i want to put a 87 motor in an 85 gn. i know this has been done often but i just want to know if it is as easy as swapping the motor engine harness and computer. anybody who has done the swap please get back to me with any heads up. thanks
fuel filter ?

Can the stock location 85 fuel filter be retained or does it interfer with the 87 brackets?
You need to use the 87 fuel line , the fuel filter gets in the way. Get 2 of the fuel line repair kits that are sold in the HELP section at most major auto parts chains. You can install the filter in the fuel line like the 87 using those kits. They work great and dont leak, at least in my experience they dont leak. Just my opinion.
On my setup I put the filter on the end of feed line by the A frame then used braided SS line with Areoquip fittings from the filter to the hard fuel line running up the block.
You could also just run the SS braided line from the filter up the block to the fuel rail.