87 Octane

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rubber boot time!!!!!

poor littler ricer... cant haul *ss... haul s*it... but seems to spew out a lot of b/s.also his quote....'01 GTS Flys around corners like a bat outta hell! .... should read his head will fly out of the windsheild like a bat out of hell. He is going to be another wreaker job. and the reason the T-Regal was not to be seen in his rear view mirror was becase it was a 1/4+ mile in front of him by then!

a few quotes from a friend:"some time I think those damned ricers were the first sonic fly/misquito repelents invented...and just like the sonic fly repelents.... it dont work."," its really 12 seconds to completly burn to the ground.May be it he really ment it takes 12 seconds to crank the motor?Even a garbage can does not deserve his s*it driping a*s in it!ooooo... he (she?,,,it???) is getting sensitive now.no response for a while... I think he's crying now."

Really 87Octane, how bout that race, right now? H-2, Southbound, Mililani Overpass, 30 mins.? or are you chicken? Bwaaak!
:eek: Jeebus Kraest! Calm down! Where is all this animosity coming from?

I have a minor in psychology. If you have some unresolved issues you'd like to discuss i'll be more than happy to give you therapy for free.

It sounds like you want to come to blows. We haven't even met and you're already making implications towards my character. Take a deep breath. Step away from the keyboard and just let it all go. I don't wish to fight with you or anyone else here.:) This is merely a wonderful place to visit. Why anyone would get so worked up over something on an internet post board is beyond me.:confused:

As I have stated earlier if you'd like to meet, I will be at the convention center tomorrow. I have posted my seating arrangements several times. Please feel free to print it out and stop by and we can meet. I'm sure I would enjoy the extra company.:) If it's not raining we may be even able to get into a little street match afterwards. Fair enough?

I will not provoke you any longer. You have my word! :) Breathe........
You're ****ing lame, race the bastard already, whats he going to do, kill you, mame you, then go to jail, over a message board argument? get real.


jesus christ.
Not open for further replies.