87 T project car. What's it worth?


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Jan 5, 2002
I have an 87 T that I've been working on, little by little, for the past 4 years. It started off as a 50K mile theft recovery with a very clean body. It's a white car with all the limited chrome, but has a blue bucket seat interior and t tops. The paint and bodywork is all done, except the mirrors and the bumper fillers. The paint is as smooth as glass. The body is straight as an arrow. I have put my heart and soul into making it as nice as I could. It still needs a good bit of assembly. The doors are all apart. Also needs most of the chrome trim put back on. Some of the original options are cornering lamps, twillight sent., power windows, locks, cruise, tilt, etc. The interior is in really good shape. It has a 6 point S&W rollbar that I installed. I also put in the rear seat braces, and front frame braces.

The motor is out of a 65k mile 84 GN. I drilled the hole for the turbo drain and put all the intercooled stuff on. It has a PT51, 009 inj., THDP, afpr, XP pump, new hotwire kit. The trans the correct BRF that's out of my 150k mile GN. It still shifts decent for the mileage. Also has an 8.5" posi rear.

The bad part about it is it has a PA certificate of salvage, and it still needs a good bit of assembly. I just don't have the time to work on it. This car would be perfect for someone that wants to make a nice racecar. The really hard stuff is already done. I think I have everything to complete it, including all NOS emblems. I'll get pics this weekend and post em here.

Can anyone tell me what its worth? I know I'm going to take a bath on it.
Id say the GN would go for 8ish tops, a R title scares alot of people off,sometimes insurance companys too. If you cant sell it as a race version then Id part it out.You have alot of parts people would be interested in.Just stock parts are hard to get anymore.
Suicide, I considered that option, but I don't have the time or energy to take every piece off and sell individually.

Turbotoy, you have a PM.
Turbotoy, I appreciate your offer, but I'm looking to get more than that. There's alot more stuff that would go with the car that I haven't listed. I'm going to spend a couple more weekends and get it running. I think once I get it mostly back together, I could get $6-7k for it. I know this means nothing, but I've got about $8000 in it as it sits.

I didn't realize you meant rolling. We can talk if you're interested. I tried to PM you, but your box is full.