87 T-type bench seat colum shift cheap!


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Oct 14, 2004
I loaned a buddy money to buy this from a frined of mine as I did not want to see it sold to just anyone. Well long story short he want to sell it now rather than pay me back so here it is as best i know:

$5,500 OBO
1987 T-TYPE Blue with half vinyle top, blue interior with bench seat and colum shift (rare from what im told only a few hubdred like this made)

interior is Super clean! no tears that I remember I think headliner is ok too

The car has had a lot of new parts and stuff put in and on it he has alot of receipts from previous owner. (rebuilt tranny, new turbo some other things)

Polished turbo houising, intake, exhaust, a pillar boost gauges etc..

The body is in ok shape no rust but needs paint and some body work, vinyl top is nice. ( he has an extra hood too i think)

Car has a small nitrous set up 30 shot or 50 maybe??

Cars runs strong I think a 12.9 time slip if I remember? (this is at over 5,000ft)

It IS blowing OIL through the Turbo so we think this needs to be replaced, it is an aftermarket turbo not sure what size though.

Call me at 303-726-5520 with any question as I can not check the e-mail associtaed with my log on, (old employer) or e-mail me at mike@dodgeonbroadway.com

have pics now for those who want them e-mail me at mike@dodgeonbroadway.com this car NEEDS to find a new home soon as my motor is nearing completion. Some one out there must want a bench seat collum car with a vinyl top.

heres the vin # 1G4GJ1170HP453093 if it doesnt sell here I think E-bay is the next choice with NO reserve! so bring all offers on this it needs a new home. Also shows 66K (166,000 im sure though) This is a good car for the $$ lets make a deal!

Pulled The Auto Check On This Car Today And It Looks Good No Salvage Title Or Anything, Can Send To Those Interested, Also Have A Pic Of The Title To Show Its Free And Clear.

Also This Is A Digital Dash Car, Afpr, Knock Light,remote Trunk Have A Pic Of The Codes In Trunk

Please Bring Offers: