87 Turbo Engine Harness

Nov 23, 2003
Hey Guys,
I did a search and couldn't find what I needed so here goes:

I have a 87 GN that I have been working on for a few years. I took some time away to play with my Ford Stuff.
Now I am back to finish the GN, a year or so has passed and I have memory loss!

I have a brand new engine, and the harness is laying in the engine bay. I know where 90 percent of the plugs go, but would like to know which ones I really need.
I have a Turbo Tweak chip with EGR deleted. I have all emissions stuff out and a dedicated fuel system.
I have a Terry Houston down pipe with a stock type waste gate controller.
I am assuming I only need:
FAN controller
Crank Position Sensor
Cam Sensor
O2 Sensor

I also have the boost controller thing that goes inline with the knob. Do I still need the Wastegate solenoid?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Washington