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May 28, 2001
My T is up for sale. Here's the skinny....

59,000 miles P/S. P/B, P/W, PDL, factory moon roof.
New drivetrain:
.020 over bore, Wiseco forged pistons.
Stock crank.
Block line bored, decked, balanced by Grimes Racing Engines, Alpharette, GA.
Mains are studded w/ ARP studs.
Reworked stock rods w/ ARP bolts.
Total Seal rings, Clevite H brgs.
Comp 206/206 cam, lifters, LT1 springs, TA Perf HD rocker shafts w/ Earl Brown supports.
3 angle valve job, surfaced, magnafluxed, Viton seals. Heads are studded w/ ARP 12 pt studs.
EGR block off by RJC.
TA timing chain.
Earl Brown oil pump mods on OEM cover.
PTE turbo saver.
New batt cables, battery.
Acufab fpr.
New PTE 5831 turbo from Cal H.
TA dr side header. Headers and dp ceramic coated.
TT chip, 60pph injs, translator, tune saver.
Earl Brown cold air intake, LS maf, S&B filter.
Intake, plenum, valve covers powder coated. Other misc brkts also coated.
New Delco coil and module. MSD wires by Russ Merritt.
New inj harness by Hot Muscle Wiring.
New water pump, heater valve, hoses, 160* stat, “S” hose eliminated, stat drilled.
Alradco alum radiator. Stock fan.
Trans rebuilt by Neal Racing Trans, Snellville, GA.
PTC converter, approx 2800 stall.
New u joints.
New Eaton Trutrac, new brgs, seals.
Mopar steer shaft.
New Spectre tank, Racetronix s/s hanger, 340 pump.
Hydraboost brake system w/ Teflon hoses, AN fittings.
New brakes all 4 corners. Alum drums.
3 aux gauges in custom mount [Speedhut w/ warning system]. Temp, boost, oil psi.
PLX wideband w/ readout and PL hookup.
Fuel psi sensor w/ PL hookup.
New Alky control system, with pressure sensor readout to PL. Alky controls in dash.
Refurb tape player OEM radio.
New ac system charged w/ 134. Compressor, accumulator, sensors, multi-pass condenser.
New carpet, mats, headliner.

Car was a factory authorized repaint. Original color.
Firewall repainted while I had the drive train out.
All new door and moon roof seals.
New headliner.
Bumpers painted body color.
New fillers.
New Pypes Race-pro exh system.
Energy Suspension body mounts.
Energy Suspension control arm bushings in boxed, stock arms.
New KYB shocks.
Near new car cover included.
Factory undercoated.
Electric antenna that works.
Mild window tint.
Rear defrost.

Probably some things I’ve forgotten…….

The price is $22,000, cash. NO trades.
VIN provided to serious buyers.

Clear title in hand.

I also have the parts I’ve taken off, and they go with the car.

Chuck Leeper
706-342-3152 H/S
770-265-5144 C


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Beautiful car. This car came up for sale a few months before I was ready to
buy. I love my Limited that I found though. I always wondered where it went. One of my favorites.
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Still here...Not moved from it's "hiding place".:smuggrin:

May take it out this afternoon. We are in a drought situation, and a trip around the area will, FOR SURE, get us some rain. Never fails!:D
Still here...Not moved from it's "hiding place".:smuggrin:

May take it out this afternoon. We are in a drought situation, and a trip around the area will, FOR SURE, get us some rain. Never fails!:D

Wow what a nice car .. everything on it is NEW .. CAR like that doesn't come up often .. GLWS
Wow!!! I love the blue!! This car is fine as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!! And it has my name written all over it too!

Unfortunately I'm swamped right now (quite literally lol)! So I can't do anything! However, this is an awesome looking car at a great price (from a sure nuff straight up seller)!

GLWS (you won't need it though)!

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Congrats on the sale and if I may add I would say it is one of the best looking TR's I have ever seen.

Any separation anxiety? :p