87ecm conversion?


pimp romeo
Hey guys, I was wondering if youu can tell me how I can identify the right ECM for an 86/87 ECM conversion in my car. Thanks.
What about the "cal pack"? The post on GNT says it has to have one of two specific cal pac's, I think thats what they were called is this true or not? I just bought an ecm today for $25, and the smaller chip inside, which I assume to be the cal pack is the wrong number. I am not concerned because I already have a good ecm, and will just swap these chips, but would still like to know.
use the calpak out of your hotair ECM.

all the calpaks interchange.. as long as its out of turbo buick it will work.
Here is a list of cars that you can get them out of. I have had this saved for awhile but don't remember where I got it.