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Great guy to deal with. Went over the top to ship me a block at a reasonable price.
Yes. It's an 044 casting. The block I bought from you pulled a head stud due to the deck having really deep cracks into the bolt holes. I still have the block and put Time Sert thread inserts in it but It needs to be bored to 4" ( used hardened ductile iron rings, wore it out ) and I would have to buy new custom pistons, so I had another block I had machined for a girdle and used the old rotating assembly and it is running great. This new block is a backup.
Sorry you had problems with that 484 block. You need some compensation? You helped me out a bunch by sending me those oil pump bolts.
Anytime Nitrous and high compression is applied, these old Buick blocks are at risk of breaking. Broke the main webs on my first one. The girdle made the bottom end live on yours just fine. Cracks in the deck are normal and did it in. I have a theory that Cometic .030 MLS gaskets put less strain on the decks compared to composite gaskets that I think pull on the deck. Mike at TA agrees with that theory. My first engine never cracked on the deck until I used composite. I expect to break things while seeing how far I can push it. I think I have a good combination and tune up now.
What's an 044 casting? I'm familiar with the 484, 291, 153, 012 and 016.

Mike at TA put composites (graphite?) on mine but I have 14 bolts heads. Not sure if that would make a difference.
Your Stage II block will never have a problem. The decks are very thick. My spare 4.1 stroker engine is a 291 casting with composite gaskets and I have had no problems, but I don't use a lot of nitrous on that engine and I don't run it hard. The 044 blocks were the last 4.1 blocks made, I think in 1986 or 87. They look just like all the other castings. If I ever use your old block again I will use composite gaskets to keep the cracks from leaking around the studs where the Time Serts are.