8th mile track in Rhode Island!


unlike CT this looks like its gonna happen and happen soon. it was on the local new today that Quonset air base will be allowing the use of one runway for a drag strip. i dont know much details but there was a big meeting monday night. i guess they have an exhibition liscence and it passed noise levels, now they are waiting for one more licsecs from the airport owners. the last time it was used for racing was 1994. man i hope it happens soon cause i'm only 20 minutes away!
What area is that in RI? I'm kinda unfamiliar up here, live in Groton, CT (10miles from RI border off I-95) Thanx
its gotta be less...it takes 5 minutes to drive through the whole damn state:D
it probally is Scott, form my house it takes me about 45 to reach the Ct border than another 20 to Groton.
Well damn then...only another half hour to e-town for me. I don't think i'll even bother. I told the Indians if they built a track i'd come to their casino...no reply as of yet.:)
That's awesome!!! I hadn't heard about that on the news. That should be a good little track to practice & tune, for when I go to 1/4 mile tracks.

Any idea when it'll open? This summer, next year, some other time?

I heard the same thing too.
I'm in guilford , CT . it will be a little over a hour away for me. But that better than the 2.25 hour ride to LVD. that I do almost every weekend during race season.

I'm looking forward to it.