A all Buick Pro-Touring style Auto cross event? Interested?


Jun 10, 2001
I know I already posted this in the LOUNGE, thought would get better input here... thanks

This idea has been bounced back and forth between a couple other Buick owners and myself for awhile.

Opinions are needed !! Who like's the idea and how many would be interested in participating in a Buick powered/ Buick bodied Auto-X event?

I do know that there are a lot of Buick owners out there that have set up their suspensions to handle that nice tight curvy back roads.

I have seen your set ups and read thread after thread on how to make you Buick handle better.

Auto crossing or Pro-touring chassis setups or call it what you may, how would you like to really stretch your cars muscle and legs and show what real street driven Buicks are made of?

It wont just be auto crossing all the time but, see how it dose on the drag strip too, running the same tires you auto crossed on.

The other Buick owners that tossed the Idea around with me have participated in other events and have enjoyed it.
Myself I haven't auto crossed mine ...yet. but getting all the stuff needed to do so, and eventually will.

The event would be open to all Buicks with Buick power and even those hybrid Buick powered cars, like a Camaro with a GN engine, or a S10 with a Buick 455... anything as long as it's Buick powered or Buick bodied.

This style of event would hopefully be held in conjunction with other MAJOR Buick events and will not take away much time. An event like this will only take one day to run. Prizes and trophy's given away.

This is why I am looking for real serious input from you folks in Buick land, mainly how many would Deffinetly Attend!!! This way input can be compiled and given to the correct people to show your intrest and desire to do so , warrants adding this to their events and for the correct people to gather the equipment needed.

I personally believe it will take off like wildfire on it's own, I've seen another idea like this start with 17 cars grow to 80+ cars and a 3 day event.

So join us to start an experience on what pro-touring is all about: good friends and of course, the meanest Pro-Touring Buicks around. This event is the perfect opportunity to safely test your car's performance on the autocross track and drag strip as well as putting faces to the names you've chatted with all year on the forum. We're all aware of the enormous amount of hard work and preparation that goes into building a well sorted g-machine: this is your chance to show off what your car can really do and how the products on your car work.
Thanks for sending the link to the thread and inviting me, Chris.

This would definitely be fun but making it will definitely depend on where it takes place. If it's in Western, WA I can guarantee my attendance, beyond that, it's hard to tell.