A/C kits

One of my TR buddies north of the border recommended this stuff, and said it works well in his.


With the switch to 134a you need to pull the whole thing apart and flush out all the mineral oil as it doesn't play well with the 134A.
This stuff is suppose to be a drop in replacement.
I ordered some. Ill let you know in a week or two when it arrives and I get it into the car.


I also ordered a can of this to squirt in there.
I put the RED TEK 12a in my car at the start of summer. Have a small leak that needs about a can a year to cycle the compressor properly. I ran out of R12 4 + years ago & haven't had AC the last 4 summers. Ended up putting in 3 cans of RED TEK & AC has been working fine all summer. Be aware it is more flammable then R12 but so is the gas in our fuel rails.
From the reading I've been doing. R12 and r134a when mixed with their respective oil in the system is flammable too so you aren't really adding additional danger. A couple cans of refrigerant ain't much compared to that tank of gasoline and the pump pushing it at 40psi forward.