A/C Removal

mark b

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May 24, 2001
Has anyone removed their A/C on a non-race car?

I really like the new bracket that Champion has to remove the A/C. However, I know these cars can get really hot with that big glass window in the rear and the t-tops.

BTW - I have never driven my car (yet), so I don't have any
f-body "cooking my butt in the summer" experience. But I will say, I've driven my GN for 8 years without A/C. Just too cheap to get it recharged!
My thought, keep it. If it fails upgrade to R134 with more fan for more flow throught the condensor (or do the wiring change to turn both stockers on with the ECM).

Why, you ask?!?! I had a 95 TA that I bought new and recently sold. Not the same as a 3rd gen, same style huge back glass. Perhaps a little more surface area in the front, granted, due to the 4th gen front whindshield rake. The car stayed warm, perhaps bordering on hot, at times in the summer. Same every year, the AC stayed on MAX all the time even with the T-top shades in place. I actually never took them out once I installed them. As for our typical summer, middel of the road I would say. I am in Ky, hotter than some, cooler than some. Not Florida or Texas if you get my meaning.

Now in the TTA I don;t have a problem but the windows are tinted so dark you can not see into the car. I was going to have the tint take off when I bought the car 4 years ago but after driving it a few time I decided it would stay. I would have tinted the 95 but by this time I was not driving it a lot, but whenI did, AC MAX all the time.

This will give you an idea of the tint:

I would not actually suggest this, it is way past the legal limit. I get nervous at night and have to drive with the parking lamps on during the day so that I can see the dash gauges.

I removed every a/c item on tta 563, replaced the pulley w/ '89 4.3 a/c delete, Napa belt #060630. The compressor itself weighed in at 18.5 lbs !!. This car is now being transformed into an open challenge car, but I drove it past summer and kinda missed the a/c. With all that glass, call it a greenhouse effect,even w/tint. If you own a fine example, I would not remove or change anything.
TTA 563, do you still have all of the A/C parts and, if you do, do you want to get rid of them?