A Darker Shade of Fear - Pt 11


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May 24, 2001
Darkness covers a multitude of sins…

The sun was hidden behind heavy, dark clouds while the city tried to get moving. Even though it was a weekday (Tuesday), it felt like a rainy Saturday. Alarms went off only to be silenced by the convenient ‘Snooze’ button – time and again. It was almost as if there was a common dread about the day.

Many even had odd dreams; some, nightmares. Nearly no one gave a thought to the fact that this day was October 31. All Saints Day… Halloween. The day that most only knew as the time the little ones dress up and go about the neighborhood in search of big candy bars, popcorn balls and maybe the grand prize – a caramel apple wrapped in wax paper. And even though everyone knew that there were indeed psychos out there who might put a razor blade in an apple, or a wire in a candy bar – or worse – still, there was always the life sustaining thought – it won’t happen to me.

It won’t happen to me. Maybe to someone else.

But not

Sarah pulled up close to Megan who was still sound asleep. Having done a serious check over of ANNIL8R the night before, both girls’ muscles were sore from all the leaning and crawling around the car they had done before the night ended.

Shortly before midnight, they finished and both collapsed on the sofa after kicking off their sneakers and sliding out of their outerwear. Sarah got up and walked to the kitchenette.

“Megan? Do you want a glass of wine? I’m going to have one before I get a shower… God… my back is KILLING me… would you give me a backrub later?”

Megan was curled up in one corner of the huge davenport, her legs tucked up with her head resting on her chin. Even though Sarah still had on her ‘everyday’ Victoria’s Secret’ Angelwear, Megan was only in her blue thong, having preferred to free herself of the encumbrance of the large cup bra.

“Sure…why not?” she mumbled, her hand pointed at the TV with the remote firmly in place.

Sarah gathered the drinks and came back to the couch.

“Where’s your bra, silly?” she chuckled. “It’s not
that time already is it?”

Megan leaned back and shook her endowments at Sarah with a wicked grin. “Why not? I know you enjoy them, don’t you?”

Sarah could only smile, knowing full well EXACTLY how much she (very often) ‘enjoyed’ Megan’s attributes – above AND below the waist. Meeting Megan was her dream come true indeed.

The girls finished their wine, Sarah slightly ahead of Megan. She rose and slid her bra off her shoulders and flung it playfully at Megan.

“See you in the shower?” she asked coyly.

Megan sprang from the couch, trying to step out of the thong as she attempted to shoulder past Sarah. Sarah in turn smacked her bare bottom as she let her get past – just to enjoy the view of watching Megan run naked through the flat.

In seconds, both were busy scrubbing the oily residue from each other’s skin. Which led to what it always did…

The water was very, very hot; the steam rising from the glass enclosed oversized shower. The shower was one of the many selling points of the flat to Megan, having noted it was plenty large enough for two or even three willing participants. She had only been in it once with three people; she smiled at that memory as she continued to rub Sarah’s back with the soapy wash cloth.

Sarah turned and faced Megan, not speaking. Megan lowered her hands to her sides, her eyes riveted to Sarah’s. Slowly, Sarah leaned forward, her lips scant millimeters above Megan’s, then – upon them. The kiss was long and slow… the steam continued to rise and both girls sensed that it was definitely getting warmer in the shower…

Megan’s hands reached for Sarah’s sides and then on around, pulling her closer and into her own nakedness. Their bodies were wet and slippery from the body wash, their hair matted and tangled in a garden scented mass upon their heads… Megan’s hands reached the small of Sarah’s back and then slid lower… and lower… and lower, finding and then exploring once more that which she sought - but also, that which she knew so very well.

Sarah’s hands weren’t idle though either. They were busy appreciating the natural curves and valleys of Megan’s breath taking body as their kiss continued. Lost in time and in each other, the night was only beginning… morning would have to be dealt with when it got there…

And so their morning began, nearly as the night had only hours before. In bed, naked, and groggy.

Megan finally stirred, her eyes not opening just yet.

“What time is it?”

Sarah glanced over at the clock, knocked askew from the two-time Snooze attack.

“It’s nearly 10. Don’t you have to be somewhere in an hour?”

Megan jumped awake at the realization that she had less than 30 minutes to get up, dressed, and out the door to take the car over to the speed shop to dyno it.

“Yikes! I’ve GOT to get my butt moving!” She jumped out of bed, the effort causing her cleavage to bounce wondrously before Sarah’s appreciative eyes.

“Ah Megan, can’t you take it later. I would like a little more of what we had last night…” she purred.

But Megan was having none of it.

“Not now. Maybe later sweetie, but not now.”

Sarah pretended to pout, pulling the sheet below her hips, trying to lure Megan back to bed.
“Just make another appointment for later today… can’t you?” Her purring continued as she parted her thighs.

Megan was stopped in her tracks, absorbing Sarah’s beauty was too much to ignore. Her eyes explored the areas her lips, tongue, and hands had been only hours before. But in the end, pursuit of a goal won out…

“Sorry baby. There’s nothing more I would rather do than have some more fun with you – you know that, don’t you?”

Sarah smiled and nodded, caressing the inside of her thighs with both hands but knowing there was no deterring Megan.

“I’ll be back, Sarah. I’ll be back…” Within minutes she was dressed and gone, ANNIL8R heading out into the dreary Halloween morning, the exhaust reverberating from the sides of the buildings as it crested the hill and was gone from sight…

”Dan, do you think this will work?”

“I don’t know, Sally. I THINK it will…” his voice trailed off from beneath the hood of the GNX, noting it was almost 6pm. Where DID the day go???

“I HOPE it will…” he continued. “The thing that worries me most isn’t the race tonight – that’s just things mechanical. I think we can take the Merc. It’s Megan that I’m most concerned with. She’s up to something Sally - I just know it. If you could have seen that odd look on her face at the airport that night; felt the weirdness in her hand as she handed me the note, and heard the way she sounded? It was creepy…”

“Well… do you think she’s… uh…. Crazy?”

Dan disappeared back beneath the hood of the GNX.

“I don’t know, Sally… maybe… maybe we’re just ALL crazy. Afterall… we don’t have to go to the strip tonight. Maybe we’re crazy to even play along. But I do know there will be some good cars there tonight and maybe, just maybe, Megan only wants to play with our minds a little, you know? Just to sort of get her digs in? Who knows? Either way, we’ll be ready.”

Sally nodded, handing Dan another gapped plug from the bench.

“I hope it all comes out, Danny. I’m tired of this crap; this whole “ANNIL8R” thing has been bizarre from the get-go. Maybe she’ll just leave us alone.”

Dan just mumbled an “Un-huh”.

“I heard at the salon yesterday that Megan’s got some serious money. Some inheritance and all I guess…”

Another “Un-huh…”

“What do you think she’s REALLY up to Dan? Any guesses? You don’t think she wants you back do you?” Sally’s insecurities were showing, he thought. With that he stepped from beneath the hood and turned to pull Sally close.

“Baby, it doesn’t matter WHAT Megan wants. I only want you.”

Sally beamed and leaned up to kiss him.

But the fly in the ointment was another matter… another matter indeed.

Carl busied himself with his final preparations on the Mach I. He looked down at the mill before he closed the hood, always admiring the flat black shaker scoop he had adapted to work with the blown motor. The Diablo chip, the Reichard racing pulley, the Kenny Bell Blower, and all the other goodies were ready.

“Bring it” he thought…. “Just go on and bring it.”

In numerous garages, the evening’s work was about to wrap up, the fun – about to start.

Timing was checked. TBS positions were checked and rechecked. Cans of high octane race gas were filled. Tire pressures were checked and trailers loaded. A Tuesday evening track rental was rare and everyone who could was going to take part. Cars were readied to load on the trailers. Others were readied for the drive. Some were close; others, like Dan and Sally, had a bit of a drive before them. Still, they were coming…

Word had spread fast around the racing community. Something BIG was about to go down. It wasn’t for money or for a trophy. No… it was for what mattered most to anyone who chose to pursue a life in Staging Lanes – Respect. Tonight would bring that – for some.

For some, it WOULD be fun. For others, it would be a disappointing evening. For a few, it would be frightening. For two, it would be very dangerous.

And for one person – it would be their last evening to enjoy life at all…

No one but Megan knew he was coming to the track. Most had long forgotten his name; many from indifference. Others, because they needed to forget about him. Megan had never forgotten him; partly because of what he had done wrong, mostly because of what (for her anyhow) what he had done right…

Fortunately, he lived very close to OCRP. He had accumulated quite a record in the years since he had moved away – both on the track, and in the local law enforcement data bank. Nothing TOO felonious… just enough to keep him on the local constabulary’s radar screen. He had crossed paths with Dan and Sally and Megan – even Harry – long ago. But, only Megan had kept in touch. He was good at something she needed and tonight, she was going to need it – in spades…

His hands worked deftly in the engine compartment. The fiberglass hood sat upon the roof of the car, having been placed there by his longtime pal and himself the night before. Since he didn’t work a full time job, he had all day to get ready.

He was going to need it.

Big block Mopars were never an easy tune. Monster sized ones were even more challenging. Especially ones with blowers.

Rico smiled. “Do you think she’ll be ready?”

“Oh yeah… she’ll be ready all right. She’ll definitely be ready.”

Rico looked down at the huge valve covers, the oversize plug wires disappearing into the boots dead center.

Hemi’s were like that – they could rip out your heart in frustration and they could steal your soul with their beauty. But you could never, ever not look at one and not feel something.

As the sun slowly set, having finally been revealed to the populace when the front went on through just before sundown, the sky was red and angry. A cold breeze was blowing, kicking up leaves and dead weeds, causing them to scurry across the entryway in front of the Park. Fortunately, the track ran west to east, the builders having the foresight to eliminate drivers having to squint into a setting sun when they were at the lights.

The leaves on the surrounding trees were all varying shades of brown; many of the ones that had already fallen were clustered around the base of the cyclone fencing surrounding the complex. OCRP was a favorite site for many IHRA and NHRA events so the upkeep was first class. The track crew, resplendent in their brilliant orange shirts emblazoned with a variety of patches, performed their tasks professionally and with pride.

And it showed.

Georgine who manned the primary entrance along with Hal, watched the cars coming in. She noted with particular interest those on trailers because they seemed to be special in her eyes. Hal however was drawn to the combatants who were driven there. In his mind, those were the REAL cars, not some fancy ‘Trailer-Queens’.

They didn’t have to take any entry fees this night since it was a track rental. So, this would give them some time to watch the cars while they handed out a paper they had been asked to give all the entrants asking them to convene for a drivers meeting at 8:30pm. They didn’t have long to wait to see some cars. By 7pm, there was a line outside the entrance waiting to come in.

They watched Mustangs of sorts of aspiration (including 4 different '03 Terminators), Camaros, Oldsmobiles (including a rare ’69 H/O, Pontiacs (Hal in particular enjoying the sight of the green ’64 with what sounded like a very healthy big block Poncho under the hood), a couple of AMX’s and a Javelin, several Turbo Buicks including two different GNX’s (only one was a real one – Sally’s – the other, a clone), two different Syclones (one essentially stock – one definitely not) and even a Typhoon that had benefitted from some serious upgrades, a Porsche 911 Turbo (Georgine pegged the year correctly as an ’87 model), several Mopars including two Challengers, a Duster, a Demon, a new Crossfire, and a deep red ’69 ‘Cuda with a flat black hood that had a very evil sounding whine to it. They also watched a ’70 LS6 Chevelle, a ’69 Chevelle SS (a beautiful Marina blue L78 car with a black vinyl top – tubbed and wicked), three different Nova’s (two of which were big block cars, one a 427 beast) and a black ’56 Chevy that had a 502 crate motor hidden beneath the hood.

“So, which one do you think is going to win?” mused Georgine.

Hal thought for a moment…

“I don’t know… but I bet it won’t be the one that looks like it should…”

He was more right than he ever could have known…
A halloween thriller... nice touch Raven.

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