a few misc questions???


Oct 5, 2009
Hey guys! Havent been on in a while. Hope everyone is doing well. I've been working a lot for once! So havent had much time to work on the restore project. Things are slowing down a bit now so I will be back in full force once again. Anyway, I have a few ??
First, Can I take that ugly braiding off the up and down pipes and just paint them? Will there be any ill affects if I do so? Also, Advance Auto sells this high heat paint rated at 1500 to 2000 degrees. Do you think this will hold up to paint the waste gate and pipes? Tired of looking at a rusty unit under the hood! Last question.......I bought new shocks for the rear of the car. I tried to install them a while ago but that project came to a dead hault when I noticed the first top bolt I tried to get off was turning with the nut. I believe they are probably spot welded and the weld broke. Any way I can get this nut off the bolt without having someone reweld the bolt to the body? There is a small opening above the bolt but it will probably be a major PITA to get anything in there to hold it.
Any advice? Thanks! Bill