A good place for turbo re-builds and wastegates



I finally got tired of my car smoking so i tore it apart. I re-built my turbo and my heads so she should hopefully run really good. But anyway i would really recommend these guys for your carbed turbo needs, they were really helpful and very nice. I also got a new wastegate from them, they can re-build yours for $79. If you need a turbo rebuild or a wastegate rebuild call them and ask to talk to Randy, he fixed my turbo after i attempted to re-built it.....someone screwed it up before me so when i rebuilt it it had too much play around the turbine and compressor wheels. So you guys will hear more from me when i get her running again, should be like new. I will try to get some pics up for you guys soon.

TURBO POWER-1 530 677-2233 ask for Randy