A.I.D. stock location intercooler # 492000-2 $40


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Apr 28, 2014
This intercooler was in the trunk when I got my car. The core looks to be in very good shape. No damage. No stripped threads. It has been notched on 1 side, but would not be seen once you install your scoop. Could use a paint job. I tried to search the details on this site, but the search function is not working AGAIN... I think this would be a good candidate to send to Nick Micale ( Arizona GN ) to install his "Nick Neck". $40 plus the actual shipping cost to your door. PayPal ( Friends & Family OR add 3% for fees ).
Can you post pic(s) of both necks?
Will it mount with the stock brackets & shroud?
Duh.. don't know why I didn't post the pic of the necks, because the inlet is a little different. I believe this was to eliminate the restriction in a stock intercooler. I do believe the mounting location is same as stock, because the mounting bosses are the same as my stock intercooler. With that said, I also believe the stock shroud will fit. The core measures the same as my stock Dutt Neck intercooler ( 12.5" wide x 10" tall ). To sum it up... I think this a stock style intercooler without the restrictive inlet/outlet. Great candidate for a Nick Neck. Needs cleaning, and a paint job.