A Possible Donor?

Donate a Hotair motor to a willing 1986 Chevy S 10 Pick up Truck?

  • Keep it original and junk the motor that needs to be rebuilt

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  • DO IT DUDE!!!

    Votes: 6 50.0%
  • Take the money and make a faster buick!

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Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
I would like your opinions on a hot air vehicle that I have never seen before. We have all seen the power of a v-8 in a small chevy s-10, and some of us have even seen that power out of a buick turbo intercooled v6 in that same small Chevy Truck, however, how many of you guys and girls have seen a hot air Chevy S-10? The poll I am trying to post is if it would be a worth while effort to make such a vehicle?

The Donor: A 1986 Chevy S10, 2.5 four cylinder, fuel injected. (As seen in the picture section of my new web page @

The motor: My original stock 109 block with all the hot air components, after a suitable rebuild.

The reason: It's cool?

Go now, and give away your opinion!
Only two people wanna see a fast hot air pick-up? Wow...I will still keep my buick, as I do have a new motor for install, but i am looking to do something with the motor that is in the car now, besides making an artificial reef. I'll keep the poll till Saturday, and that will decide where this project goes. Thanks for the interest everybody!

I saw a hot air powered 4 wheel drive S-10 for sale on ebay once. Someone from the list was selling it I believe. It has been done. Unfortunatly I don't remember who it was, or any other info on it...