?? About switching back and forth between 93 and E85???

I have my car set up for E85.
But want to run 93 for long out of town drives.
How bad would it be to run the tank down to about 1/4 of E85 and then fill up with 93 pump gas (yes, i would also swap the chip) and just drive NOT talking racing.
Then do it again the other way

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I do it fairly often but I have the SD2 chip with the flex fuel setup. Shouldn't really hurt going from e85 to 93. But you probably need to watch out going back to 93.

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Talked directly with the horse and he said the only issue would be a lean condition at the E85 to 93 switch,
the recommendation was to take it easy at the first tank.
So a 93 chip is in my future.