AC Problem

Turbo Keith

Sep 16, 2015
My 87 GN has the factory AC , I got it back in september and ac cooled good but it was kinda cool when I got the car and now its getting to where I need ac . The last I had the car out I had the ac on and the compressor would kick on then off and blowing half ass cool . Is this a freon problem the I need to have some added . I just dont wanna be had by some ac guy cause I dont know crap cooling. Any thoughts would be great Thanks Keith
Probably needs some freon added. The system develops leaks after a while. Once the pressure drops to a certain point, the compressor will no longer engage.
First thing you need to find out is what refrigerant is in the system. Don't want to add the wrong stuff! Suggest you have a professional check it out.
If it's been updated to r134 refrigerant, there should be a sticker on the compressor and or AC box. Take it to an AC guy to test, and go from there.