AC vent Problems


New Member
Jul 19, 2006
I noticed last week that the high setting on the vent fan stopped working.. I can use the other settings but when I click to high, nothing. I figured the switch would be the problem so I took everything apart and the switch seems to be working, I even went as far to take the switch apart to see exactly how it works... Now, I went ahead and used a wire to check the contacts(plug that goes to the switch) and bridged in the high position and all I get is a click sound from this relay near the fan motor... It seems weird that all the other settings work(low, med low, med high) but in the high setting I get nothing but a click sound from that relay... I would like to add that when it was working last I had it on high for a while and all was well when I turned the car off.. It hasn't worked since.. Thanks in advanced for any information... :smile:
Hey Stage 5, Thanks! I wish I would've posted before I screwed with it now.
Problem solved! :biggrin: