Adapter for MAF Translator


I bought a translator used from a friend. When I went to install it, the plugs didnt match. Is there some tyoe of adapter that can be used. Here is the translator.


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the translator you have was built for a camaro /fbird to plug between their LT1 /LS1 maf
you can try casper or bob bailey for the female side of the connector to mate with the GN maf connector ,
or just unpin the connector plug in and tape up or cut off the maf connector and splice the wires , pink to pink is power, blk to blk ground, and the green is the signal

and you need to set the first dial for your MAFand dip switches inside the box for a GN and your chip . should be on/on/on off for standard chips
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Full throttle used to sell an adapter. It was $25 or 30 when I bought one a few years back. Found a camaro one on ebay for under $100 and had to buy the adapter. Casper may have it too

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