adding a intercooler to 84-85 GN

im new here and was wondering how involved the swap is. i plan on purchasing a 84-85 Turbo Regal and eventually want to intercool it. i know most of you are probably saying "no! get a 86-87!", but i cant afford one of these cars (most around here go for 8k minumum). ive seen pics of the non-intercooled motors and nothing looks the same. the turbo routing is all different, and the intake manifold looks completely different too! Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
hey,come on over to the hotair forum(click on it from the main menu)we'll tell you all about it:D.

just make sure no f-body punks follow you in there;)they like to come in and stir up trouble:D.

btw,i've got a spearco intercooler on my 84 gn and it works great:).