adjustable wastegate?? do i turn down the boost?


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Jun 8, 2001
i bought my 87 GN a few months back. it has 36 # , but had a stock chip...i just got the chip and it made a difference but i can tell the car is still running a little off. i notice that it feels like it is not boosting when it is there but it hits at the wrong wondering if this could have anything to do with the adjustable wastegate that it has. it was put on there by the previous owner. the problem with that is that im not really sure he knew what he was doing b/c he had the 36 # w/o a matching chip and had a adjustable wastegate so im guessing he was messing with it probably turning up the boost...i dont know much about them or how to work em but i was wondering how you turn it down and what you guys think...on my boost gauge it feels like it really starts to pull at 10 but as it goes higher it just jumps up quick and when i hear it ping i get off...but i dont even wanna hear it pinging...its been progressively better with your guys help...hopefully i can figure out what is wrong with this car and get it back to the status of my previous 87 turbo which flew...not that this one doesnt but i know what they can do and there is room for improvement...
If you are hearing audible ping when you 'gas' it, then stop gassing it or you're in for problems..

How much boost were you seeing when it was spiking up and you'd hear ping?

In order to adjust the boost, the shorter the rod, the more boost. If you twist the rod out (longer) this will reduce your boost. Turn it down to 12-14lbs and then work on tuning it up from there.

Next question everyone will ask is if you have a scan tool to monitor o2 levels, etc.

yeah once i heard it ping i was off it...i dont want to hear it again and don't intend to...i only hear it when it goes into the red (i only have the stock boost gauge installed but just got one for the a-pillar that i am going to install tomorrow) i think it was at like 15+ when i was hearing it ping...thats why i am thinking the guy messed with the wastegate, b/c it wouldnt even go that high if he didnt, right? i am looking into buying a scanmaster right now...
Is it an adj. wastegate or the stock wastegate check your fuel pressure to should only be around 42lbs for reg driving.
get that new boost gauge installed asap, because the stock gauge is far from accurate;) and oh yeah, scanmaster is the best $250 youll ever spend on the car