Advance Auto Parts Coil Packs?

Chris Wh1

Jan 23, 2004
Has anyone ever used the BWD brand coil packs sold at Advance? They have them for $52. They also have the AC Delco ones for $124. Just wondering what the difference was between the two.
I just put one back on my car because the Ac Delco unit failed. Never had a problem with one of the BWD's, but this is the second Delco one I've had go bad.
Ive bought a couple of the Advance units, one was dead right out of the box, other lasted a couple months. Took them both to Autozone to test them and they both failed and past, tested them both several times. I just bought one from NAPA and has worked so far. I took the NAPA unit to autozone to test it and never failed, tested it 4 times. Seems like its really a crapshoot as to whether or not you get a good one. HTH Deren
Eyup--CRAPSHOOT pretty much describes the dilemma. In the past, odds were better with the GM/AC Delco unit--but nowadays with all the outsourcing--pennypinching...:frown: