AEM digital oil pressure gauge mint


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Jul 2, 2018
Please read everything before contacting me.

Used in mint condition comes with:
-Original genuine AEM digital sensor
-Splitter adapter ready to screw into the block in the event you may want to run both the gauge as well as the stock oil pressure switch for the idiot light
-brand new aftermarket pigtail for making a wire harness
-black face plate
-black bezel

This is a $200 gauge that can also by configured to be used as a fuel pressure gauge by changing the faceplate with a $8 AEM fuel pressure faceplate.

I need to ship this out by Thursday 6pm so I would need anyone interested to either overnight me a usps Money orders or send me a western union wire transfer because I am leaving for nyc due to Mesothelioma related health issues (not officially confirmed yet. But detected on my last visit to the hospital) so long story short I’m looking for a quick sale and I need either an overnight money order or a western union wire xter.
Now I know overnight shipping is expensive (approximately $22. And wire transfer is also about the same maybe a little less). So I priced the gauge to make up for that lost money and am only asking $135 shipped lower 48 for it. But this sale completely expires on Wednesday because I need to ship it on or before Thursday. I wanted to keep this but at the last minute decided that I need every dollar I can get for this unplanned trip. I need to address my health issues so everything with the exception of my original WE4 goes toward my Multiple trips to ny in the future.
So it’s available till Wednesday if anyone wants to very quickly do a deal with me. Lmk ASAP. I promise I will ship it the very same day I receive the payment. If it doesn’t sell i will close the thread on Wednesday and whatever day I get back (around mid June I may relist it then)

I apologize for this last minute sale. Btw if u are local I’ll meet u anywhere in Daytona Beach Florida
Thanks for reading

Actual pics from today


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