Aftermarket Alarm Install (5706V)


Jan 11, 2022
Hello Braintrust,

I'm in the middle of cable prep for 2-way security and remote start system install and was looking for some guidance.

Q1: Is a relay required to trigger the trunk release circuit?

Q2: Where would the head lamp (yellow +) circuit connect to on the alarm?

Q3: Are all Pins that call out a 12V/12V Constant on the alarm to be source from the ignition switch harness? I prepped my cables this way.

A second set of eyes on the following pinout would be much appreciated:


Signal (Buick) to (Viper 5706V)

Constant 12V+ (Red) to 6-Pin CON: 1, & 10-Pin CON: 2,5,9

Starter (Yellow) (Cut) to 10-Pin CON: 6 (key side), 7 (car side)

Ignition (Pink) to 10-Pin CON: 10

Accessory (Orange) to 10-Pin CON: 8

Tach (White) to 24-Pin CON: 12

Neutral Safety Wire (Orange/Black) to 24-Pin CON: 13

Brake Switch (White) to 24-Pin CON: 20

Trunk Release (Black) to 24-Pin CON: 3

Parking Lights (Brown) to 6-Pin CON: 5

Head Lamp (Yellow +) to ?

Hood Pin (Gray) to 24-Pin CON: 9

Door Trigger (White -) to 24-Pin CON: 15

Door Lock (Light Blue) to 3-Pin CON: 3

Door Unlock (Black) to 3-Pin CON: 1

Horn Wire (Black -) to 24-Pin CON: 16


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