AHSA track rental


The date is Wed. Sept. 12th. This is open to everyone. Members pay $40 and non members $50. Anyone interested in going can contact us at Info@AHSA.cc Pass the word on to any of your friends and or family. We have 2 lanes sprayed to the 330' for 4 hours. Noon to 4:00. Spectators are free.



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I plan on being there. Looking to stress this thing out a bit and see what it's really got !! Lapeer doesn't like me any more. Dave
I'll definately be at the track rental.

Bar.........My car is just a street cruiser, daily driver. (when it doen't rain) :rolleyes:
Stupid Bar

Just over a month away! You get the bar put in yet Dave. Maybe you and Phil can get a 2 for 1 deal :D
Hi Mike. I'm thinking of passing on the bar this year. I haven't really had much time to go to the track lately, but I will be at the After Hours event. Being a private track rental, do you think they will let me run some "not too crazy" 10 sec passes w/ no bar? Besides, like Phil says, They're just street cars! Dave
ahra rental

LOL me and you were both at 226 post before I posted this :D You shouldn't have a problem going 10's at the rental. If all goes like last years rental I was at you could go 9's :eek:
I'm glad I'm not the only one up this late on this site! I really want to see what this car will do. I think on the right tune it'll do a really low 10. The no doudle pumper has me worried, but I'm force feeding I't alky!!
Track rental

What's up Mike? Any new takers for the track rental? I'm counting down the days. Ready to pump some serious meth through this beast!!! Dave
Not that I know of. We have a club picnic today so we'll talk about it then. I'll no Tuesday whats going on. Thanks for asking Dave.
Well due to lack of interest we are canceling this track rental. Sorry to those that wanted to go. Hope to see you at Ubly in Oct. for our "Last Call".


PS Sorry Dave :(