Air conditioner compressor clutch


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in trying to diagnose my non functioning air conditioner, I read where to jump 12 volts to the green wire on the compressor without the engine running to see if the clutch wil engage. I see three wires on the back side of the compressor, ( one black and two kind of green -- but one is striped) , but I don't think none of those is what I want ... I'm thinking one is ground, one for high pressure cutoff and one for low pressure cutoff). So,where is the green wire I want to jump?
Top side of the compressor behind the pulley has a 2 wire flat plug going to it.

So, before I do something stupid- like I've been known to do -- I want to be absolutely certain I'm jumping 12 volts to the right place to see of the clutch engages. I am assuming it is to one of those terminals in the pic. Which one? I'm not at the car right now, so I don't know what color the wires are -- but I'm heading there soon .... And the engine will not be running. If I'm doing the wrong thing, please let me know. I know aircraft, but my TB is a beast all its own. And thanks again .