Air Filter and Fuel choice...


Jul 30, 2007
Hello all,

I'm a new member and just recently bought my first Buick Turbo. I was wondering what would be the best air filter (besides K&N) that will be good for the car and what type of gas will be good for a daily driver. Currently I'm on the budget and cannot afford to buy the real good stuff until next year. I haven't driven the car since I bought it because I want to make sure the car has the right stuff to be driven daily. Any info greatly appreciated. This site rulez!!! :biggrin:
I'll leave the air filter question to others. I have had a K&N since 3 weeks after I bought the car.

If you don't want to drive it like a granny (no boost driving), you NEED 93 (or 91 if that's all you can get), and a modern chip.

Of course, you should do all the spring cleaning, etc etc etc etc fuel pump, etc etc...yada

And welcome. You'll never go back. :biggrin:
I can see already why this website is so good. Thanks guys, I'm pretty sure I will not go back to another type of vehicle. I will keep all of you posted as to my progress with the car. I love the way she drives :cool:

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You cannot call him you have to get it thru his site. Just fill in the necessarys of your combo and he can burn you a street chip depending on your octane!