Alchy or NOS? Need advice please

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I have decided it would be worth my time to invest in an alchy or nitrous kit. Which is better? Safer? More cost effective? Where would I get either and for how much? Thanks
Speed. I want to be fatsrr. I watched a friend in a Tacoma go from 12.8 1000' to an 11.9 1000' on a 50 hp shot of NOS. I was thinking like a 150 shot of NOS, but I don't know enough about the alchy systems and what they do to make a decision. Thanks
First of all what does a 10.1 at a 1000' track equate to for a 1/4 mile?
Are you planning this to be run with race fuel or pump gas?
Alchy prolly won't help with race gas. Maybe make it worse?

My opinion comes from racing N2O for 15 years on various N/A cars from mid 11's to 8.9's @ 150mph. I love N2O BUT.......

For a turbo car I would not run the N2O. There is more information on running alchy than running N2O on our cars. If you check the N2O/Alchy tech section you'll see this.
N2O becomes a pain to re-fill bottles and to get the bang you may be looking for you will probably have to run more N2O than your capable of tuning in at this time without hurting anything.
N2O is much more expesive to run.

What your after is better performance from your car. You have a great Combo in my opinion. Why not just crank up the boost? I'm use to running n2o levels of 300hp so cranking up the boost to 25-28 doesn't scare me a bit..

Good Luck!:D

An alcy kit is just a replacement for medium duty race gas basically. Race gas allows you to turn up the boost. When you are done turning up the boost then add the juice for even more fun ;-)

If they are both "right" then IMO there's no difference really in burning more air/fuel from nitrous or from more boost. Same result, more air in the cyl to burn more fuel. Screw up either one and you have problems. Having a wb O2 Speedpro ecu makes getting things "right" ***ALOT*** easier IME.