Alcohol and Injectors


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Trying to fabricate my own alcohol injection. Does anyone know if bosch injectors are alcohol compatible. Also it is ok to splice into injector harness to fire another injector or will this burn up injector drivers?
I wouldn't! Besides, if you "tap" into one injector wire, you'll only get alky when that injector fires. This is just from past reading not personal experience, but many have run injectors full open by just putting a voltage signal directly to them using a Hobbs switch, or whatever. This was for use on 7th inj. fuel systems, not alky. Don't know about alky compatibility, though... sorry.

You could use NOS nozzles, which worked out well on my GN. Or get some nozzles from SMC, which I have ordered for my WE4.
extra injector for alky

A single injector-even running wide open, will not flow enough alky to do the job. Some of the guys are running 8-12 oz of alky in a pass!
-Steve C.