ALDLdroid and adx


May 24, 2001
So I updated my PLC, SCMG, and downloaded aldldroid

I got my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to pair with SCMG (bluetooth name is "scanmaster")

I added the adx files to aldldroid, selected SCMG_BT_00a1.adx (latest adx on Bob's site)

When I try to connect it gives me "No response from ECU". I've tried to connect with checksum disabled/enabled

Any ideas?

Here's the software versions:

PLC v2.6.7 (latest from Bob's site)

S/N 37K0z
Flash 4015
SW v1.06 (latest from Bob's site)

aldldroid v 1.17 (newest version available)
ALDL Droid has an option to enable logging, can you turn that on, try to connect, and attach that log here?

Or better yet, send it to Sébastien and Bob.