Alky control bracket


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Aug 8, 2018
So I am not keen on cutting the ash tray up, jamming the control beside the radio or cutting into the dash overlay. and since most photos on on here are long gone I was at a loss of what to do.

As I was installing the alky kit and moving some gauges around, I noticed some existing holes in the frame work under the radio. so I did the following.

1. using a 90deg drill or a die grinder drill out one of the existing holes for 1/4" screw.
2. fabricated a carboard template for the bracket. then a proto-type, then finally a working bracket.
3. transfer the hole from position 1 bolt. and 2. #2 bolt does not require a hole in the existing structure. there is already a rectangular cut out there.
4. drill out the holes in the fabricated bracket, powdercoat (paint) and install 1/4-20 nut-serts.
5. install using 1/4-20 screws and washers
6. determine how you want to fasten the control unit the the bracket. can use screws, but I will use Velcro with adhesive backing.


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Thats some thinking going on right is how I did mine.


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I contemplated this but could not convince myself to start cutting.
No cutting was required. Bought the plate from a vendor an unplugged the alkybox. Super easy an clean .by no means am I dissing on yours, I like it!
I got the same plate from Mark at TR Customs looks Great in the Car.Doesn’t look like something was added looks like it’s Supposed to be there.