Alky Control progressive unit


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Progressive Alky control for sale. I have had in my car, and will no longer be using it. It is a single nozzle. I have converted the control box to a dash mount so the applique will come with the kit, you would either order a box from Julio, or use this clean install means. I prefer to have it dash mounted personally. I am open to trades on equivalent dash bezel, as this one is adapted to kit the control already??? The dash bezel would need to match the quality of my own. We would work the deposit detail to insure I get a bezel back. Kit works fine, I just tested the output. The only thing that has been modified on the kit is the connector to the reverse flow valve (pictures attached) as they were damaged and I used weather connectors to put them back together. The kit has not been removed from my car yet. I am not that pressed to sell it but since I have gone E85 I no longer have a use for it, would rather see someone else take advantage of it. But if it sits there looking fine, I have no worries either.

The kit will come with a brand new delphi MAP sensor as well..

$450.00 shipped.


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Hey Man,

Let's just say that I've been a little pre occupied so I haven't been on here much lately? And I guess you could say my E85 parts / plans are all wet? LOL! So I was just wondering if you still had this, or not??

Ok, I'll take it.

Is it alright if I pay pal you now and give you shipping address next week sometime? Technically we don't have an address to send it to right now, as we've been trying to buy a Fannie Mae foreclosure house since the week after the flood. Although we are supposed to close Wednesday of next week. However, I don't trust anything these friggin attorneys say anymore! It shouldn't be long at all though??