alky for hotair?



any body tried an alky kit on one, how did it do? which one?

I've tried on one on my '85 with terrible results. But the biggest stumbling block that I think I have is the 7000 ft. altitude. The air is thin here, and no matter what size nozzle I try, I run too rich.

Another problem hot airs have is the location of the nozzle. It has to be after the turbo, and without the extra plumbing of the
i/c unit, it sits between the turbo outlet and intake. So it's always pretty hot, meaning the alcohol has to first cool the nozzle, then the air. I wouldn't suggest the alcohol set up unless you have the TM unit.

Also, I'm only familiar with one brand, and the company that sold the unit wasn't much help in trouble shooting.

My suggestion is put your money elsewhere.
I bought the SMC kit from Steve. I have had great results with mine. Have to go right now. If you want more details email.

Sorry, I didn't tell you what brand mine was. It's the BG unit. Good luck on your choice.