Alky question?


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I am seriously thinking of getting a kit for my TTA because I have heard nothing but praise for this injection but I was wondering how often do you guys have to refill. I know it depends on how you drive the car but lets say....about how many passes would you get on a full bottle running around 22psi. My car only has 40k on it and I usually don't drive it during the week.

Depending on the pump speed u need to run that amount of boost, probably between 10-15 1/4 mile passes..if ur drive the car normal and only get into the car on occasion, then it will last for a long time.

I use mine as a daily driver in the summer and I use about 1/2 gal. a week. Hard to drive it normal when your running 24 lbs boost! Very addiction!!!:cool:
Thanks for the response fellas. It sounds like a pretty good investment. Is it hard to get the car dialed in with the alky.
Dialed in..

Took me about three or four WOT passes and i had it pretty close to dialed in..i just kept the turn on point around 10-12 psi and played with the pump speed(which is 1-10) till the car did not detonate at all(besides a small amount of transition knock on the punch) mine is set at 8.5 for 21-22 psi, and I get zero knock. U have to remember u can also give the car more fuel to handle the boost.

I wasn't so lucky in tuning mine that fast :(

Its taken awhile but I think I've gotten it down. I finally switched over to denatured and had to re-tweak it but its better with that than the rubbing alcohol. I get zero knock, unless I spin, and it pulls great. I also picked up an extra psi of boost :)

If I could just get it to the track to see what its running...