Alky v. 7th injector

Boston GN

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May 24, 2001
Is one better than the other for running higher boost on the street with 93. What are the benefits to either over the other?
an alky kit basically adds octane (so to speak) to the fuel you much is dependant on lots of factors...

7th injectors just adds more of the same 93 you already run...

now you can use alky with a 7th injector plate like the jay carter setup...

in my opinion you can do more with alky than just the 7th alone
The 7th injector was good when larger injectors were not available. Now that you can buy and run huge injectors on these cars, there is really no reason to run a 7th injector.

Alky really doesn't add octane, what it does is cool the intake charge so that you won't get detonation. The cooler the charge the more boost you can run without detonation.