My car is running low 13's on street tires and on 15 lbs of boost. I would like to install an alky kit. What kind of performance should I see if traction is adequate?

Stock Intercooler
Blue Top's
I agree that bigger injectors WILL be needed but not yet. Not for a 13 second pass. Maybe in the mid 12's but there is no way I'm pushing them to their limit.

I wished I was.
Depends, if you have the stock converter, your 60 foot times will be terrible with that turbo. The 52 is recommended to be minimum 50lb injectors per PTE..actually 009's are the least. And a 3200 stall approx.

You can with the correct injectors and alky system probably up the boost to the mid 20's.. so an additional 10 PSI boost..i'll let you do the math. ;)

For blue tops, the TA49 with the stock converter is an all time favorite combo. The TE44 and PT51 are the next move from there..those work well with modded 12 inch 2800 stall.