alluminum driveshaft ?

AggressiveAuto has one in their catalog. I think its a little over $300.00. Thats not a bad price.....but.....this place is terrible to deal with. I would only order from them as a last resort. You might be waiting months like I did the last time I ordered from them. I waited 3 months, and after they kept BSing me, I cancelled my order and demanded a refund.

my buddy ordered a bunch of stuff including my pistons, turbo, etc. & they always said it was shipped, charged our credit cards, but took 2 months to get in. I pretty much left them alone until maybe they got new management to improve these problems. Thanks for the info though :)
Inland driveline, dynotech, dennis... you'll be paying ~500 bucks depending on yoke and joints, etc...

Do any Buick vendors keep a replacement aluminum driveshaft in stock? It'd be a hassle to call a custom driveshaft shop and then hafta measure the existing shaft. A better situation would be to find a manufacturer with the correct measurements already on file.

Any opinions on whether a 3" replacement aluminum shaft is good for low 11's?
alluminum driveshaft

well I got one thanks to III's 87 gn & richie high psi. I owe you guys a few more dd ice coffee's. Thanks :)
Dynotech in Michigan has the GN stock rear stock tranny measurements on file to make aluminum driveshafts.

All you have to do is call or email them for details.

Custom ones of course would be custom. ;)
Wes 87 Turbo T said:
well I got one thanks to III's 87 gn & richie high psi. I owe you guys a few more dd ice coffee's. Thanks :)

How much $$? Where did you purchase it? What diameter? Thanks, Brian
There are two GNs in my town that had to have the Drive shaft shortened (OEM) Maybe after draggin, the rear end kinda moves forward just a little. Better off taking a measurement from diff flange to tranny. The Driveshaft Shop sells them also with Spicer U-joints. Around $450. I have one on another car. But, they will tell you, it is not much, if any, stronger than the OEM unit.
If you get really stuck (personally I prefer dealing with the Buick vendors) Summit Racing has Inland 3.5" driveshafts for $399. ( IED-ALUGN )

the only possible downside is the support afterwards, with a driveshaft not a big concern but maybe ???
Mine on the GN is a 3.5 inch MMX alum. one. Dynotech.

Fit fine with the Metco loop and the ATR crossflow 3" exhaust on that car.

I bought a second one for my old WE4 but it didn't fit well at all with the Kenne Bell 2.5" duals and ultraflows.

So I sold it and it's on a fast car now. :cool:
The METCO DSL has the largest ring of any loop available - it should clear most any driveshaft without issue.

We used the METCO on our T-Type with the ATR exhaust system with absolutely no clearance issues. We also used the same loop on our '87 T which has a Kenne-Bell exhaust and it fit fine.