Almost a kill maybe sort of ??


Jul 6, 2007
I dropped my son off at school to go play basketball. The team was leaving to go play in a tournament.
Afterward I had to go pick up a power steering pump for my other car so I headed across town.
Actually to the next town over about 10 miles .
Once there I am in the left turning lane waiting for the light and just as I get the arrow and turn onto the 5 lane road headed to the parts store a brand new red charger RT hemi coming from the opposite way takes the right only merge going the same direction I am. I'm in the left lane him in the right the car had tint but I saw the sunglasses as he looked my way as we end up side by side no traffic for about a 1/4 mile and only one side road to watch for traffic. As we get straight I hear him give it a little and he pulls about 1/2 car I just ease into it just enough to spool the 44 maybe 1/3 wot and answer the challeng jumping back even maybe a bit ahead he then let's off and I am left alone at about 45 mph I guess he figured better of it or never intended to race and I was a dork ???
Got the heart rate up a touch at first anyway.

Fwiw the ok Buick felt dang ready to run today on the way home from a dead punch boost spiked 23 stablized at 22 and smoke the firestone,s till it shift to third gear for about 100 feet or so... I added 11% fuel today chicken I think it liked It O2 was about 755 recorded a low of 722 @68mph still zero knock. I think I'll bump the fp up another psi to 45 though with these cool temps.
Add fuel. Lots of fuel. Then work your way back to a safe tune. Sounds like you may have an issue.

Mike Barnard
What kind of chip do you have in the ECM?
When we say "add fuel", we're talking about adding more through the chip rather than a pressure adjustment.;)
Turbo tweak I set par 1 to 141 yesterday .
I read my in structions and it said set fp to 43 +- 3 psi.
I have it at 44 now.
Alky set on 6 fwiw knock buzzer and scanmaster say zero knock.
I do have a bosh O2 fwiw also.
Would be better to tune off of Powerlogger data or a Directscan...ScanMaster is for reference only and can miss a lot....but until you can have confidence that all things are normal, a fat tune is way better the being too lean.

Even with zero knock, with O2's that low, you're generating a lot of lean heat in the combustion process that would increase wear and tear on the engine.
As low as your O2's might want to make sure your knock sensor is actually functioning.

Are you hearing any audible detonation or "spark rattle".
If the sensor quit it was at the same time I installed the razor system.
Before then I was pulling 2 degrees timing and had the fuel maxed out on the chip still only about 780 on the o2 and I would get 1-4 degrees sometimes at 16-17 psi. I have had the buzzer sound a few times from a dead stop on rough pavement but the scan master reading was zero I figured that was false. I did see like 1 degree once on a hot day I think.
When I first put the alcohol on with the tune that fat it killed the engine when it kicked in at 18 psi .
I reset the chip to factory defaults and its been good .
I've not heard anything odd like knock or detonation, but I've never heard it even when it was for sure there.
So I dont trust my ears. Seems I read the bosh o2 reads low though compared to a delco or , but is more active with higher CC's
I have a LM1 wide band I guess I need to weld in the O2 bung and see what it says before I go much further.
I don't want to hurt it since its just now fast enough to be fun!
Maybe it's just the Bosch readin lower...:D
...but yeah....going wideband would be good.
I need to do that myself...gotta lot of coin in this stroker motor....I need to keep closer tabs on it and get into some better tuning capability. ;)