Alum Rad Support,drums,sway bars


Jul 12, 2007
Alum radiator support $300
Alum drums $75pr
36mm hollow sway bar $50
34mm hollow sway bar $40
paypal or money order thank you
I'm in for the 36mm bar if you still have it; and shipping's not a killer.

Let me know a total to Fort Worth, TX 76116.


Aluminum radiator support and 36 mm sway bar sold
Aluminum drums are turned and sandblasted $75 plus ship thanks
32 mm (1-1/4 inch) sounds right from what I remember of my old bar. I don’t know that all turboed Regals got the same bar though; and there may have been a smaller one. I’ll try to look in my Hollander Interchange tonight. The 32 mm Buick bar was SOLID; and the 34 and 36 mm bars (all of them?) are HOLLOW. They are obviously lighter; and said to be more rigid than the old bars. The 34 and 36 mm bars are said in several places to be equivalent in application. There is also what the ThirdGen Camaro & Firebird folks call a “Wonderbar” that fits between the frame mounts for these bars. I haven’t seen too many of those. Maybe they get lost when the Sway Bars get pulled. The Wonderbar would probably aggravate any intercooler instillation also. If you could make the Wonderbar fit; it would be a good way to help tie the frame horns together.

That’s all I know about it.


You might not notice much difference in handling with a 34mm over a stock 1 1/4 bar but it is 10lbs lighter
Joe 81-87 grand prix's have the cross bar that ties the frame horns together
It uses the same frame holes that the F-41 bars bolt to and creates a triangle of bars that really tighten things up.
I broke down and called my Camaro buddy. Here’s the scoop:

The Wonder Bar or Wonderbar is a little different than the Grand Prix bar. The Grand Prix bar ties the two horns together laterally. The Wonder Bar actually puts the horns in tension against each other; like a small sway bar for the frame. Spohn has them for $50; but I have no idea if they will fit. The Spohn bar is 1.25” while the stock Camaro bar looks about 0.75”.

Hollander doesn’t list sway bars that I could find for 1987. My old one was 1.25” or 32mm. that’s the only Regal I have easy access to.

I can’t swear to where I saw it; but the 34mm bar is often listed as an improvement to the 32mm solid bar; and the 34mm bar was listed as the replacement for the 36mm (this may be because the 36mm was discontinued).

Now; I’ve hijacked this thread long enough; so I’ll end by saying that the deal I had with LSJM1 went quick and easy.


Thanks Joe maybe I'll grab a Wonderbar off a Camaro and see if it fits
I'm not going to grab any more 34mm bars there doesn't seem to be any interest
I have 1 set of aluminum drums left that are lightly sandblasted and freshly turned for $75 plus shipping
Here’s what I’ve found out:

A Third-Gen WonderBar WON’T fit on a Regal. It’s not long enough; about an inch or two too short. My intercooler scoop is in the way also. I’ll have to get my welder out.

A WonderBar is different that the Grand Prix bar. The WonderBar bolts under the Sway Bar mounts. The WonderBar is actually a torsional control for the frame horns.

Hollander (at least the one I have) doesn’t cover Sway Bars. I don’t know if there was more than one type of bar for the Regal.

I have no documentation; but all my Camaro buddies say there’s no rating difference between the 34 and 36 mm bars.

Bump for a deal on a set of drums; and a 34 mm bar if he still has them.