Aluminum Cleaner


Just curious what others are using for cleaning up aluminum on engines, intake manifolds,timing covers etc.? Looking for something to remove oxidation and make it look decent when done?

Either never dull if you wanna do it by hand or mothers and a mini power ball works wonders.. if its cast try wd40 believe it or not and the powerball if you just want to remove oxidation
this is the best product on the market;
Flynn's Detail Products - Automotive Waxes, Polishes and Detergents

You can get it here, and when you do get the sealer for it as well, then wash like your paint. I say this after using every product under the sun, and even after sponsorship from Mothers for 6 years and Meguiars for 2. NOTHING I have used is even close and I have had blk finger nails 1,000 times. This is sold also at Year One in their showroom, and they use all Flynns stuff on their cars. Even their detail spray is better than others and can be used as window cleaner w/ streaks or haze. Mothers/Meguiars cant say that.