Aluminum Drums

I remember reading about exploding aluminum drums. I checked mine, and there were little cracks in them. I went to steel. Couldn't tell any HP loss, but I feel alot better knowing they won't explode.:eek:
If your scoping out the yards for a pair, make sure you get one off a Metric stud stamped "M" on the end. If not you will have to enlarge the Stud hole a little. I remember buying one standard and one metric years ago and having to enlarge the holes on the standard one.
As far as weight savings you will need to do allot more than alum drums. Alum braces front and back, alum radiator support and even plastic head lights to really see the lbs fall off. Every little bit helps.
I replaced my factory aluminums with GM irons last fall. The cast part of one of the drums was cracked to the outside and the linings were all cracked side-to-side. We had to turn the NEW GMs to get good surface contact, but I also didn't notice any change in performance over the aluminum drums.
I finally got around to putting my aluminum drums on. I think the jury is still out. Don't know if it makes a difference or not. I think the benefit was more "rotational mass" then "weight savings"...