Amazing 1986 Grand National

Tom Kelly

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Jun 23, 2016
I must sell my gorgeous 1986 GN. located in SW Connecticut. I am thinking of running an ad in Hemmings classified but thought I would try the forum first. This is a great opportunity to buy an immaculate intercooled Grand National with all the best original options PLUS a huge basket of aftermarket goodies at a price substantially less than what it would cost to reproduce. Most of the work was performed under the guidance of the team at the Northeast GS/GN Club thanks to hours of help from John Csordas. I will be asking $67,000. If you are interested, let me know and we can talk about it. The finish is flawless, and it rides like a new car due to extensive chassis upgrades. Includes everything in the window sticker, except for electric antenna (replaced with new windshield with antenna built in as electric antennas inevitably fail) and body side molding which was removed during re-paint for a sleeker look. After the engine rebuild, dyno showed 343 HP and Torque at 396 at rear wheels. Very strong engine. I have Michigan Title document, which was signed over to me when I bought it, but Connecticut does not issue new titles for cars over 20 years old. The original title shows no liens.

This car was originally a Buick Executive Car (hence the expansive option list). After a year it was sold through a Detroit dealership to the first actual owner. It was driven for about ten years and then stored for the next twenty. I bought it in March 2016 (99,141 miles) from a man who bought it from that original owner but realized that the restoration would be too expensive for him. As you can read below, I performed a multi-year restoration including separating the body and frame.

Selling for health reasons. I need a walker to get around now and it’s just not practical to hold on to it. Typical “Little old MAN” driving it just on Sunday’s kind of use.

Highlights of original purchase (Original Window Sticker Included)

  • Grand National Package
  • Electronic climate control
  • Graphic Equalizer Stereo
  • Digital Dashboard (Rare and interesting option)
  • Power everything including 6 Way Power Drivers Seat
PLUS a complete 4 year restoration done at approximately 105,000 miles from 2016- 2020 (car currently has added about 10,000 miles since then. Current mileage is about 115,000

  • Completely rebuilt and balanced original motor with Comp Cams roller cam. All numbers matching Engine, Transmission and Rear Axle.
  • Rebuilt transmission by Dave Husek (well-known GN rebuilder) See detailed specs included with pictures. Includes oversized pan and tranny cooler. Also, high end custom 2045 mm LU 3921 lockup converter. Spools up quickly but drives like a stock converter. A Dave Husek specialty. 60 mph comes at a comfortable 1,900 rpm. New Welbro fuel pump.
  • Completely restored chassis. Frame cleaned of all rust and sealed, new body mounts, aftermarket rear suspension, polished aluminum driveshaft with loop, all new polyurethane bushings, TA Performance diff cover/girdle, new finned aluminum brake drums on rear, disc brakes up front. All new brakes throughout.
  • Air conditioning updated to modern coolant with new compressor and dryer. Blows ice cold.
  • TA-49 turbo upgrade (up to 30 psi available with controller, 60 lb. injectors, ALKY spray system. Turbotweak chip custom made for alcohol and the larger injectors. Updated MAF with translator.
  • Stainless steel exhaust system, Tinman cold air system, Electric exhaust cutout.
  • Totally custom paint and body restoration including 2X block sanding. Paint is FLAWLESS. All new emblems and trim installed after painting. There is not a scrap of rust ANYWHERE on this car. The paint and metal work alone cost over $15,000.
  • TA Radial raised white lettering tires and two Mickey Thompson ET Streets on GN rims. All Rims are original and are nice but not new (8/10?). The interior is original GN except for new headliner and dash top (plastic piece that often cracked) Overall, interior is very nice.
  • Scanmaster and Powerlogger system for accurate recording and tuning
  • Aftermarket gauges include boost/vacuum, fuel pressure, coolant temp, oil pressure and wide band A/F ratio.
  • BONUS GOODIES-New OEM alternator, aftermarket console with cupholders for trips, service documentation dating back to original owner, indoor cover for winter storage


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After talking with my experienced Buick guys at the Northeast GS/GN club, I came to the conclusion that I overestimated the correct market value of my car. I had originally listed it on Hemmings at $64,500 but I have since lowered that to $55,000. I figure this leaves me some room for the inevitable negotiation. I guess I was leaning too heavily on my investment amount (although I know that you never get that back). Anyway, I invite you all to look at my description above which is pretty comprehensive and also the link to the Hemmings ad so you can see all the pictures. If you are in the market for a 86/87 GN that you can count on, this is the one for you. Here are just some of the pictures.


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