Amazing driving skills!

Nice, Ken Block is the MAN! I lik ehis vids. This is similar to the one in the WRX he beat the piss out of as well. He even kissed the right rear in the first minute or two in the other one as well, just like this one. ;) Mad skills! Would be fun!
Not impressed.....I used to watch Bow and Luke Duke do that every friday at 7pm in a charger on dirt roads:biggrin:.
Help me out here. At 1:18 into the video, it shows three pedals on the floor, but you see him using paddle shifters throughout the video leading me to believe this is an "SMG" type transmission.

Besides the "automatic computer clutching", it appears as though this one also has a manual clutch so he can match rpms/speed, as well as disconnect the transmission power when he is yanking on that huge emergency brake lever..

Am I thinking right?