Ambient temp and power.


I realize that outside temperature and power are directly related when it comes to an internal combustion engine. My question is directly related to the 86/87 turbo buicks. Are they more sensitive to warm temperatures as compared to cars that are not turbo charged? How effective can the intercooler be when it is 95 degrees out??
yes most definitely when it gets hot out the innercoolers tend to get heat soaked which in turns gives you less a denser charge leaving you with less horsepower. i think it is worse if the air is humid because you are forcing the motor to compress heavier air. thats where alky comes in the picture cooler denser charge
Someone posted a great thread one time about the temperatures coming out of the turbo and how the intercooler cools the air charge. I will see if I can find it. Turbo charged cars love cooler air but as stated above you can really trick the car by running ALKY.