amp powering run


all show no go
May 24, 2001
I have a idea about wiring my trunk mounted amp.... Is it or can you run the 6 gauge wire from the battery outside the car inside the frame rail back to the trunk and up into it instead of thru the firewall and under the carpet and into the trunk>?? Why would this not work??
yep, you sure can. Thats how I have mine and I know of several others who have done that too.

Just make sure you tie wrap the wire into the rail so it doesn't fall out.
Well Frank if your serious about your Car audio this is the only way to go:D Just gotta to remember to use rubber isolaters on the feed(for longevity's sake) and grommeted up thru the trunk floor. I've used 1/0 and #4 welding cable before to a distribution block this way was the only way to get power back there. Welding cable has a pretty tough jacket on it anyway for being as flexable as it is, so for your purposes I'd use something smaller than 0 good luck.

Make sure to fuse the power cable within 18" of battery even if you have a fuse on the amp.
yup.. got it :) I did not know that it had to be 18" though.. But thanks for letting me know.
That has always been the general rule since I have been doing car audio but I am sure that it can be longer or shorter if need be.